Teapots - Glass Teapot 400ml, 600ml, 800ml or 1Lt
Picture of 4 glass teapots in a row with glass filter and glass top
Picture of our Glass Teapot with glass filter and glass top next to our 80 millilitre doubled walled glass cup and our 350 millilitre double walled glass cup with glass filter and glass saucer
The Oolong Tea Company

Teapots - Glass Teapot 400ml, 600ml, 800ml or 1Lt

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Numerous research demonstrate the influence of sight and smell on our taste. This was one of the main factor in our choice of all glass teaware.

Scientific American: To our brains, "taste" is actually a fusion of a food's taste, smell and touch into a single sensation.

E. Acree, Ph.D., "The appearance of foods and drinks can make people “see” flavors before they actually taste anything"


The second factor for our choice was environmental:

NatureHub: Since glass is made entirely from natural materials and is therefore 100% recyclable, it might make no sense for us to be even having the glass vs. environment debate...Glass is recyclable — 100%. If you recycle the glass, it will almost always be turned into new glass...It’s important to remember that glass has an unlimited life and can keep being recycled over and over to make new glass. It never loses quality, unlike plastic and paper.

So let yourself be drawn into the magical world of tea.