75 grams of loose leaf Milky Oolong tea from the Nantou county of Taiwan in a round black tea caddy with an easy opening silver clip
10 grams taster pack of loose leaf Milky Oolong tea in a resealable black pack with a clear window stripe on the back
100 grams of Loose leaf Milky Oolong tea in a white resealable refill pack with one window side
The Oolong Tea Company

Milky Oolong Tea - Loose Leaf Tea From Taiwan

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The addition of Vanilla pods give the tea a creamy texture removing the need for added milk.

This Tea is ideal for anyone who is trying to avoid lactose but enjoy a very milky cup of tea.

The tea leaf can be reused around 4 times depending on taste.

We recommend to use 5g of Tea for a cup or a teapot of up to 600ml

If you use boiling water leave the water to rest for about 3 minutes before pouring on the leaves.

(Some kettles have a temperature gauge in which case bring the water to 80 degree centigrades)

Brew for the first time for around 30 seconds

Remove the leaves and set aside.

When you are ready for your next cup of tea just put your tealeaves back in the water (not boiling) for 35seconds.

For the following brews just increase the time by 5seconds or to taste.

When the Tea has lost it's fragrance either mix your leaves to your soil or compost or if you feel a little adventurous you may try and had them to either stir fry or soups.

*Please note the outer design of the tin, taster pack and refill pack may differ slightly as we continue to update our logo and brand however this will not affect the contents of the tin.

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