75 grams of loose leaf Jasmine Oolong tea from the Nantou county of Taiwan in a round black tea caddy with an easy opening silver clip
10 grams taster pack of loose leaf Jasmine Oolong tea in a resealable black pack with a clear window stripe on the back
100 grams of Loose leaf Jasmine Oolong tea in a white resealable refill pack with one window side
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Jasmine Oolong Tea - Loose Leaf Tea From Taiwan

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The addition of real jasmine flowers transforms this loose leaf Oolong tea into a smooth and unique blend.

As the flower opens, it gently releases it's aroma time after time

All of our loose leaf tea can be brewed 4 to 6 times.

We provide instruction, with all of our tea to help make the perfect cup of tea.

We offer our loose leaf Jasmine Oolong tea in 3 convenient sizes:

  • 10g taster pack that will allow you to make between 6 to 12 cups of tea 
  • 75g packet in a refillable tea caddy with sealing clip. The tea caddy can accommodate up to 250g of jasmine Oolong
  • 100gr Refill pack grams 

To achieve the perfect taste, we recommend boiling mineral water to 80 degrees. 

With a standard kettle, after boiling, leave to cool down for 3 to 5 minutes. Using boiling water can burn the leaves and destroy the natural flavours.

Place 5 grams of the loose tea leaf into a filter.

Pour the hot water. 

We recommend leaving the Loose tea leaves to brew for as little as 20 seconds for the first infusion.

Remove the filter but do not discard the leaves.

Our loose leaf tea can be used again and again

Add 5 seconds extra for each brewing time.

Just 5g of our loose tea makes anywhere between 3 to 6 cups.

These Oolong teas can also be drunk cold.

For a refreshing summer drink, place 10g of tea leaves in a litre of water and leave in the fridge overnight.

*Please note the outer design of the tin, taster pack and refill pack may differ slightly as we continue to update our logo and brand however this will not affect the contents of the tin.


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